We are
digital storytellers






“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

Our vision is to engage consumers and brands in a new relationship based on mutual respect, fun, emotional connection and interactivity.


From original concepts that spread across all media to solid marketing strategies, to programs with global distribution and viral stunts that reach and engage millions of consumers organically, Caid is at the crossroads of creativity, marketing and technology.


We are a team of teams: Creatives, CMOs, Startup Founders and visionary strategic thinkers.

We are creative spirits who like to foster originality, character, humor, style and attitude, in the stories we create and the narrative we tell.


We redefine the classic agency model by acting as the on-demand creative and marketing teams for our clients’ businesses.

We team up with Startups in their marketing endeavors, from concept to execution — literally acting as their marketing department.

We serve as a creative resource for global brands, adding original, fresh and powerful ideas that can be activated across any media.